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Interactive Case Studies Explanation and DEMO:

PsyBC is proud to provide you with our interactive case studies (ICS) application. We believe that it is an important advance in online professional development -- an extraordinary learning tool.

Leading clinicians demonstrate how they work with patients suffering from pathologies in which they specialize. They provide vignettes of cases, their interventions and explanations of why they did what they did. that. The best way to understand how it works is to read below and check out the DEMO.

Here's how it works.

  • You will be presented with a sequence of segments from a case. As you read the first segment you will be asked to attend to a set of particular issues.
  • You will then be asked to write down your thoughts about those issues for this segment of the case.
  • You will then be shown what the master clinician/author of the ICS said about those same issues.
  • This done you will be presented with the second segment of the case, asked to think about specific issues, write you thoughts about those issues, compare your thoughts with those of the senior clinician, and so on for each segment of the case.

    • The issues chosen by the master clinician are in themselves an insight into their thinking.
    • Writing out your thoughts forces you to actively think though these issues.
    • Writing in a confidential environment allows you to explore the limits of your thinking.
    • We believe that this confidential, active participation, along with the comparing your thinking with that of the senior clinician is an extraordinary opportunity to develop the way you work.

    Please try our demo for a first hand view of how it works.

    Viewing and Purchasing

    To view/purchase our current case studies, please choose: CASE STUDIES -> CATEGORIES